Modular Mircobrewery Concept Study CRAFT&DRAFT


The CRAFT&DRAFT microbrewery is completely built into 4 container-style room modules. The brewery will be neat and may be placed for example at shopping mall parking lot, close to park or on any other place with customer traffic. The glass outer walls make the brewing a visible experience for the customers and guests.

The required area for the technical part is approximately 10 x 13 meter. The modules are ready to work and include all internal distribution. They can be easily placed outdoor on any stable even ground. After the connection of the 4 modules and general water, wastewater, current and optional fuel (gas/oil) they are ready to be commissioned within 1-2 weeks after arrival. THIS IS THE REAL “PLUG&BREW” !

The CRAFT & DRAFT provides production capacity 10hl of beer in 11 hours / max. two brews of beer per day. It is suitable for a restaurant or a small network of restaurants with the volume of sold beer up to 60 hl of sold beer per week


Currently at detail engineering. For further technical or price information please contact our office.



Usage of solar energy in small size brewery


We examine the potential of utilizing solarthermal panels for providing hotwater. Different system designs will be installed and compared. Payback period will be calculated and most cost-effective alternative will be observed on long term basis.


First installation Spring 2015

Second Hand Machinery

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